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Learn To Build WebVR Applications

Are you ready to take your step into the world of VR? Let's face it, developing for VR is hard, especially WebVR. There are so many paths that you can take, each with it's own set of tools. On top of all this, web is evolving. It is no different with WebVR. It can be overwhelming. Where do I start? What should I learn first. And because of the current state of VR, WebVR is being updated and support on browsers are being added Learn the right thing. That is the difference between creating your application and wasting a lot of time. You can spend a lot of time reading and playing with tools and yet complete nothing. This is why you need some structure for learning. There are many things to learn when it comes to WebVR. You'll need to know about WebGL, Three.js, 3D models, shaders, projections and so on. Rison is a true frontiersman in the area of WebVR, I recommend anyone interested in learning this important new tech to follow his work. - Ben Erwin , Entrepreneur and Web Developer You also need to understand UI design with VR since the user will be interacting with your application in complete 360 view. Keeping this in mind, this course will not only prepare you to develop in WebVR. It'll also teach you best practices that you can apply to any VR application development. Once you complete this course, you'll be comfortable creating WebVR apps. If you've not developed before, don't worry, I try to explain it everything in very simple terms. There is also a private forum where you can ask any question to help you progress in VR. Rison has done an amazing job building my website utilizing VR functionality. He is very responsive and has gone above and beyond to understand my objectives and execute a design and interface that is both unique and cutting edge. He has worked with me on my timeline and is very reasonably priced. I would definitely work with Rison again and highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn new skills in VR, build a website or VR applications! - Cliff Gladstone , CEO of 360 Entertainment Virtual Reality is taking over the world There is huge rise in VR jobs and so is the salary
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